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Important Policies, Terms of Service & Guarantee

Refund/ Download And Install Policy Guarantee:
We have been giving people great deals on Genuine Software Since 1994. We Guarantee the Software we sell can easily be downloaded, installed and fully activated. Our Tech Support Team has the experience to easily help you with the Software you purchased. We Guarantee our Tech Support Department will be able to help you in getting your Software downloaded, installed and fully activated. You agree when you purchase any software from our company if you ever experience any problems to give us a fair opportunity to solve any real software problem by providing us full details of any so called problems, and after you do so if we verify we are unable to help you to get your Software working on your computer, we will promptly refund your money. In order to be able to continue to keep our prices very low and to prevent theft of our software, if you refuse to work with us for any reason to resolve any so called problem in order to get your software working, you agree to allow us to give you a one time credit towards other software of equal value and not to ask for a refund. In order to use our software download service you need to have basic computer skills, like knowing how to find the software you downloaded and have some patience and willingness to follow our simple directions to get your software that you saved a great deal of money on. The software is often downloaded by default onto your desktop, unless you have made your own download directory. It would be very helpful to use Windows Explorer to access the software download files. CLICK HERE for more information about Windows Explorer which every computer user should learn how to use.

Product Guarantee:
30 Day Guarantee.

Full Service Phone Sales and Tech Support:
While other Discount Software Companies only list an E-mail address to contact them, you can call us anytime at (305) 761-7617 

Tech Support Guarantee:
Our Friendly Experienced Tech Support Team will Help you Seven Days a Week Free of Charge by Phone and E-Mail.

Full Retail Version Policy Guarantee:
We only sell Genuine Full Retail Versions of the Software. This is NOT a Trial and is NOT an Upgrade. The Software you purchase from our company is downloaded onto your computer and is the same Full Retail Version Software you would buy at your Local Software Store except at a much lower price. We provide the original manual for the Software by eBook which is downloaded onto your computer along with the Software you purchased.

Billing Descriptor:
On your Credit Card Bill it will say Direct Software Connection
Shipping Method:
All Software is downloadable only at the price you pay. Adobe software downloads directly from Adobe's own Internet Servers. You can also order a DVD of the software after purchase at an additional charge from the software manufacture. Call for details.

Receive Special Discounts and Free Updates:

As a customer, you receive exclusive deals on Adobe Software, not found anywhere else. You are also eligible for free updates, service patches and discounted upgrades

Lifetime Free Software Backup:

As a customer, you receive a Free Backup of your Software. If you ever lose the use of your computer like having a Hard Drive Crash or want to transfer your Software to a new computer and lost your original installation of the Software you purchased from our company we will replace the Software at no additional charge. Just provide us with your original contact information including Your Name, Address and E-Mail Address you used for your Software purchase and we will send you by E-Mail new Software download links for the Software free of charge.
Card Type Flags:

We except Visa, MasterCard and American Express for Payment.
Privacy Policy:
We do not sell or share any information we collect from this website.
·         We do not sell or share our email contact lists.
·         We do not sell or share your customer information.
·         We only use the information you provide us to contact you regarding your order, charge you for your order, contact you to let you know of an update or when your membership plan is about to expire.

The Site is Totally Secure

Credit card processing is through a secure credit card gateway. Registration Information is protected in several ways. Access by customers is available through a password and unique customer ID. We have our own SSL though COMODO for our customer data base which is password encrypted. In addition, customers Registration Information resides on a secure server that only selected personnel have access to via password. We encrypt customer personal information and thereby strive to prevent unauthorized parties from viewing such information when it is transmitted to us.
 There is not any reoccurring billing


If you have any questions call Perfect Shareware at: (305) 761-7617  
Our Mailing address is:
Perfect Shareware
790 E High Point Drive #A
Delray Beach, Florida 33445
*In order for a Website to be Visa and MasterCard Compliant a Physical Location Address (not just a PO Box) and Customer Service Phone Number must be present on the Website. Despite this, many of our competitors don't provide any Contact information for you to reach them (*No Phone Number on Website). ANYONE Can Put Up a Website. Ask yourself, why would a Legitimate Website NOT post their Address or Phone number for its customers? Don't they want you to know who they are? Why would they break the Visa and MasterCard Compliant Rules? Reliable, Secure and Reputable Companies always post their Company Name, Address and Phone Number on the Website.

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